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Library schools or educational institutions that produce librarians in Indonesia began with the opening of Library Employee Education Course (*Based on SK Menteri P.P. & K, No.30418/Kab, September 8th, 1952) by Ministry of Education, Teaching and Culture Library with the inauguration on October 20th, 1952 at the History and Politicals Library, Merdeka Selatan Street, No 11, Jakarta, Indonesia. That course accepts High School graduates who already working in libraries.

In 1955, the course changed its name to Library Expert Education Course. Followed by further changes, in 1959 it became a Library School with an educational period of 3 years. The Library School has joined the Faculty of Teacher Education (Fakultas Keguruan Ilmu Pendidikan/FKIP), University of Indonesia, then moved to the Faculty of Literature (Fakultas Sastra), University of Indonesia in 1964. Furthermore, from 1969 until 1986, this education only accepted Bachelor’s degree graduates. 

Since 1986, Department of Library Science has accepted students form High School graduates through a selection of new student admissions for Diploma and Undergraduate programs. Meanwhile, Library Science education program for postgraduates was opened in 1990 at University of Indonesia. (Sulistyo-Basuki, 2004; Tjoen, 1966). 


Become a superior study program in the development of library, information and archival science within the framework of cultural values ​​and richness.


  1. Providing opportunities, climate and academic infrastructure for students to develop their potential optimally in the fields of library, information and archive science through learning, research and social involvement.
  2. Contribute ideas and solutions to cultural and humanitarian problems in the local and global realm, through Library, Information and Archives Science.
  3. Producing graduates who have the ability to manage sustainable information through a conducive academic ecosystem


  1. To become a center and pioneer in the development of Library, Information and Archives Science in Indonesia.
  2. Producing graduates who are able to manage information and communication technology-based information institutions creatively, innovatively and ethically.
  3. Producing graduates who are able to compete at regional level in the field of managing information institutions.
  4. Producing graduates who are able to think critically, be tolerant and understand organizational culture.
  5. Producing graduates who are able to identify and formulate information problems, and offer solutions to the community.

JIPK (Jurnal Ilmu Informasi, Perpustakaan, dan Kearsipan) or The Information, Library and Archive Science Journal, is a journal published by the Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia. JIPK is a scientific journal accredited based on the Directorate General for Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14/E/KPT/2019, May 10th, 2019. JIPK is a “Sinta journal (S4)” and publishes two issues per year, in April and October.

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