IMASIP (Library Science Study Program Student Association) is one of 15 student associations at FIB UI. The focus of IMASIP’s organizational activities is to facilitate UI LSUP (Library Science Undergraduate Program) students in academic and non-academic matters as well as establishing communication with all parties related to LSUP UI.

The realization of IMASIP FIB UI as an active, innovative and contributive organization through the implementation of work programs and activities that have an impact on the surrounding area.

  1. Creating a comfortable and pleasant IMASIP internal atmosphere.
  2. Improving achievements in various fields and providing a real impact on society.
  3. Realizing IMASIP as a learning organization.
  4. Build and maintain harmonious relationships with various parties, both inside and outside campus.
  5. Improving the quality of Library Science student resources through events, such as workshops, seminars, and others.
  1. Bringing IMASIP members and students majoring in Library Science to be more active, contributive and superior.
  2. Providing a platform for members to develop their organizational abilities.
  3. Making IMASIP a comfortable association for its members and relevant to FIB’s culture from the structural side of the organization.
  4. Produce achievements that experience significant improvement for each period of management.
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IMASIP UI will bring active values that illustrate that IMASIP will continue to develop and move dynamically in a better direction and always try to keep up with the times.


IMASIP UI will bring contributive value which illustrates that IMASIP will continue to have a real impact or contribution to UI Library Science students and the surrounding community.


IMASIP UI will bring superior grades which illustrate that IMASIP will continue to encourage PSIP UI students to maximize their potential to become the best in all fields, both academic and non-academic.


Team Building

Team Building is an annual activity for internal or IMASIP members to train cooperation and strengthen relationships between IMASIP UI 2023 members. This activity is carried out to build a sense of kinship, togetherness, and also good communication between members so that they carry out their duties well and optimally.

Artsip Competition

Artsip Competition is a collaborative work program in the form of competitions in the arts & sciences field held by the Arts Department and the R&D Department. Some of the competitions include essays, posters, karaoke, poetry and photography.

Library Set Up

Work program for managing reading collections and developing community reading parks by applying the knowledge gained during lectures as a form of community service. The target of this program is community reading parks that are having problems in managing their collections.

From Us To You

From Us To You is a form of IMASIP 2023 social service activity by distributing basic necessities, books, clothes and other items to people in need. The target of this program is children from orphanages (optional). This work program carries out open donations and is carried out by all IMASIP administrators.

IMASIP Super League

IMASIP Super League or ISL is a work program in the form of a futsal competition held in the second half of the management for all Active Students and Alumni of the Library and Information Science Study Program.

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank is a database to collect notes and course materials that can be accessed by all PSIP students every semester as a facilitator to make it easier for PSIP students in their lecture learning activities.

List of Work Programs


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