Undergraduate Program in Department of Library and Information Science

Develop library and information studies in order to form a society that is able to empower information to improve the dignity of life by:

  1. improving library, information, archives, records and documentation services in Indonesia;
  2. fulfill the need for experts for all types of libraries and information institutions, archival institutions, records management institutions and documentation institutions.
  1. Fostering and developing library, information, and archives and records science for middle manager level;
  2. Increase public interest and awareness of information by providing students with a curriculum tailored to community needs;
  3. Building a scientific and professional climate for human resources in the library and information sector, including archives and records management;
  4. Establish educational, research and community service cooperation in the library and information sector with related institutions.

Program Sarjana & Pusat Kajian

Gedung DIPI
Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya, Universitas Indonesia
Depok, 16424